Allie Peden - 'With This Love' CD

Image of Allie Peden - 'With This Love' CD


As the youngest member of the Esperanza fold, the piano stylings and vocal poise of Allie Peden reflect the talents of a young artist creating the craft of a writer with twice her life experience. The nine tracks of melodious, piano-driven rock that compose her debut long-player highlight the skills she has slowly built over the past few years, since she began writing at the tender age of 15. Now in college and a Nashville transplant, Allie writes music with the assistance of brother Bill Peden (drums) and family friend Erick Evans (trombone, euphonium).

Her debut With This Love was recorded at Sputnik Studios in Nashville, TN with the assistance of producer Mike Odmark, and features the contributions of Steven Bevilaqua on electric guitar, Patrick Addison on bass, Aaron Saunders on cello, Mike Odmark on guitar and fellow Esperanzan Jesse Coppenbarger (of Colour Revolt) providing background vocals on "Coretta". What began as Allie and a piano several years ago has matured into a full-fledged sound colored with innovative horn parts, jazzy guitar tracks and masterful piano arrangements. She is now a band --- making noise and being heard.