Johnny Bertram & The Golden Bicycles - 'Neon City' CD

Image of Johnny Bertram & The Golden Bicycles - 'Neon City' CD


Johnny Bertram’s sophomore effort Neon City sees the Portland songwriter and his backing band, the Golden Bicycles, stepping away from the predominant acoustic/folk instrumentation of their debut record, and plugging in their gear for a more rocking affair. Tracks like "Out of the Darkness" and "Mistake" show Bertram moving into moodier, more frenetic material than the shiny, happy tunes that carried his debut. Recorded live in the spring of 2011 in the performance space of the North Midtown Arts Center in Jackson, MS, Neon City showcases the union that Bertram has now formed with his steady backing band of three years.

Tracking List:

1. Wave See
2. Out of the Darkness
3. River
4. Neon City
5. Sawtooth Range
6. Miracle
7. Mistake
8. Fever
9. Stranger'S Bed
10. Relax
11. We Used To Talk