Arkitekt - 'What Makes Your World Go Round?' CD

Image of Arkitekt - 'What Makes Your World Go Round?' CD


Marking the fifth release on Esperanza, this collection of pop gems was recorded last summer with uber-indie producer Matt Goldman (Copeland, The Chariot) at Glow in the Dark Studios in Atlanta, GA. Goldman's touch gives ""What Makes"" a power pop, candy-coated production sheen, providing each track with a glistening quality. Laden with hooks galore, Arkitekt's debut captures the powerful sound of a young band who shuns all outside influence of its contemporaries to make a signature sound that is all their own. We consider it an antithesis to all things harcore/gnu-mo/screamo, an album that embraces life and hope (which we are all about) and harkens to a time when pop sensibilities were something to strive for in music.

1. Bugs and Beetles
2. Duplication
3. Greatest Romances
4. Impossible
5. Matter of Fact
6. Most of Us
7. Passenger Planes
8. DiCristina
9. Tonight
10. Vintage Volume

Catalog No. 005
Released: July 2003
Format: CD