Chase Pagan - 'Oh, Musica!' 12" Vinyl LP

Image of Chase Pagan - 'Oh, Musica!' 12" Vinyl LP


From the off-kilter waltz of lead single "Spanish Tongue" to the saloon romp of "Push My Buttons", Chase Pagan smashes genres and effortlessly sews the pieces back together into a colorful songbook. His soaring vocal range complements each instrument, be it the light strumming of acoustic guitar or the classical strokes of piano keys. Pagan makes his debut an album to come back to, as each listen leads to a new discovery ... and it sounds especially soothing on vinyl!


1. Oh, Musica!
2. Waltzing in the Sky
3. Spanish Tongue
4. Mornings
5. Prince to the Queen
6. Sailors March
7. Push My Buttons
8. Time to Myself
9. Better
10. Paper Boat
11. Viola