David Thomas Owen IV - 'Solace My King' CD

Image of David Thomas Owen IV - 'Solace My King' CD


Solace My King is the solo debut of former Lovedrug guitarist David Thomas Owen IV. The ten tracks that comprise this debut transport the listener to faraway lands where knights protect castle walls, lava spills into streets, and all is rendered into dust. It is a spectral, mystical world one might expect to find sealed within a music box or trapped under the glass of an ash-laden snowglobe. From the apocalyptic bombast of "Armageddon" to the scene-from-a-Tim Burton-film "Castles" to the soulful intonation resonating through "They Will Eat You Alive", each song is a colorful journey to a different place and time, coasting on airy vocals and arrangements which David Thomas Owen IV has prepared and laid before us.

Solace My King was recorded and engineered by Adam Putman (Bear Colony) at Insomniac Studios in the summer/fall of 2008. Drum and bass parts were performed by former fellow Lovedrug members Matthew Putman and Matthew Depper respectively.

Track Listing:
1. Armageddon
2. I'm a Lava
3. Maybe I'm Crazy
4. Find Another World
5. Liars
6. Castles
7. They Will Eat You Alive
8. Knives
9. Eat Dust Eat Snakes
10. Go To Hell