El Obo - 'Oxford Basement Collection' 12" Vinyl/CD

Image of El Obo - 'Oxford Basement Collection' 12" Vinyl/CD


12" Vinyl

El Obo is the solo project of Jesse Coppenbarger of Colour Revolt. His aesthetic swings from dark, brooking mood folk to lush pop balladry with ease. With piano and acoustic guitar taking the forefront, Oxford Basement Collection evokes beauty and speaks great volumes through hushed sound.

This debut album is released as a deluxe vinyl edition that also contains a copy of the album (with bonus tracks) on CD enclosed in the LP jacket.

Side One-
W8 Off My Mind
On The Eighth Day
The Ordinary Woman
JC vs The DRs
Everyone Of The Hungry

Side Two-
Young Ones
This Is Love
Vrgn Evl