Fletcher - 'Friends Don't Speak' CD

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Friends Don't Speak was recorded over six frantic days at Glow in the Dark Studios with producer Matt Goldman (Copeland, Denison Marrs). Goldman took each of singer Jesse Coppenbarger's vocal tracks in one take, capturing his ability to shift from guttural howl to an agile yet fractured tenor with smooth transition. ""All In The End"" starts the album at a breakneck tempo that continues through visceral rockers ""Bea Authur"" and ""Religion vs. Ethics"", only to slow down for a slight breather within moments of ""The Amy Arose"" and the title track.

1. All In The End
2. Bea Arthur
3. Relation Sketch
4. A Captain's Orders
5. Religion vs. Ethics
6. Perfect
7. Redemption/Rejoice!
8. One of Two
9. The Amy Arose
10. There Are Many Ways of Being A Man...
11. Friends Don't Speak

Catalog No. 003
Released: July 2003
Format: CD