Questions In Dialect - 'As You May Know' CD

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Questions In Dialect - 'As You May Know' CD

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Recorded by Andy Baker (The Mercury Program, Macha) at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA, As You May Know carries you on a new adventure with each listen. Often drawing comparisons to bands such as Iceland's Sigur R s and Canada's Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Questions In Dialect's instrumentals ride gentle waves (""The God of Green Hope"") that surge and cresendo into sonic walls of sound (""Resurrection of the Dead""). Other tracks like ""Paper Tigers"" and ""Walking On Water"" signify the great promise this band holds for the future.

1. The God of Green Hope
2. They Rose Up In The Twilight
3. Paper Tigers
4. The Possibilities of Right Now
5. Resurrection of the Dead
6. Supplemental / Inflatable / Restraint
7. Walking On Water
8. Roll The Credits

Catalog No. 004
Released: Aug 2003
Format: CD