The Weeks - 'Comeback Cadillac' CD

Image of The Weeks - 'Comeback Cadillac' CD


From the punchy staccato chords of opening title track "Comeback Cadillac" to the arena rock posturing of epic closer "The Ballad of Tonto Higgins", The Weeks' debut album (produced by founding Squirrel Nut Zippers member Jimbo Mathus) displays the talents of a young band playing at a musical level far surpassing many of their contemporaries (the average age of the five-piece is a tender eighteen). Raised on a Southern-fried diet of Allman Brothers and Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Weeks proudly hail from their home state of Mississippi, a pride that burns proudly in the taut rhythm section and soaring leads of "Mississippi Rain". Musically, The Weeks tap into their Deep South roots (and their parents' vinyl collections) for inspiration, and crank out rough-and-tumble modern rock tunes reminiscent of The Replacements that come roaring straight out of the garage.

Track Listing:
01. Comeback Cadillac
02. Teary-Eyed Woman
03. Altar Girl
04. Hold It, Kid (Your Heart Just Skipped a Beat)
05. Buttons
06. Mississippi Rain
07. Dog Days
08. The House That We Grew Up In
09. Wishin' My Week Away
10. Sailor Song
11. The Ballad of Tonto Higgins