Tommy And The Whale - 'Shot For The Moon' CD

Image of Tommy And The Whale - 'Shot For The Moon' CD


Four years ago, Tommy Hans shot for the moon and left his native Florida with his band Arkitekt to start a new musical journey and become a star in Nashville. However, after recording a number of demos which never saw the light, traveling on a number of ill-fated tours, and drowning in the competitive scene that is Nashville, Arkitekt crash-landed and several members fled back to Florida.

Refusing to give up on his new home and dream, Tommy continued to do what he does best --- write. What began as a solo project in Tommy's living room soon turned into a "whale", with the addition of four players (including ex-Arkitekt member Thomas Samuel on bass) who helped write and record this debut album as Tommy and the Whale. Rising from the ashes of his former band and the struggles it faced through transition and time, Tommy coined his new band's debut Shot for the Moon as a reminder of the past. With Hans' piano at the core, the pop gems that comprise this debut flourish with Americana-tinged accordion, lap steel and brass arrangements, and highlight one of Nashville's brightest new stars.