Wooden Finger - 'Take and See and Do What You Want' CD

Image of Wooden Finger - 'Take and See and Do What You Want' CD


This sophomore set from the expanded four-piece is a sonic leap from the minimal approach of the 2005 debut written as a duo. Five years in the making, this album highlights the band’s growth in songwriting, as they venture into “rock” territory with the addition of a new rhythm section. Self-produced by the band in Jackson, MS, the resulting tracks were then sent to Nashville, TN for mixing with Roger Mountenot (Yo La Tengo). Tracks like “Walk Me Down” and “The Box” exemplify the new energy and whimsy brought into Wooden Finger over the course of the past five years, while tracks like “My Palace” and “Pretty Baby” retain the brooding introspection of their earlier work. Fans of artists like Arcade Fire and Low, take note.

Track Listing:

1 Todos Santos
2 Walk Me Down
3 Box
4 Hangnail
5 The Flood
6 Christopher Robin
7 Pretty Baby
8 French Twist
9 My Palace
10 Marjoram
11 Rock 'N' Roll Kids
12 Piano Song (Music for an Unfinished Film)